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I've owned five trucks:  a 1984 Scottsdale regular cab short bed (with a camper shell!),

scottsdale.jpg (61041 bytes)

a 1988 F-150 Super Cab short bed,

f150.jpg (89728 bytes)

In July 2005 we finally retired and sold the 1993 Silverado Extended Cab short bed that had 149,800 miles on it.   The '93 has been one of the best vehicles I've ever owned.  I'm betting it's down in Mexico or Honduras now.

Currently I have two Silverados and an Acura TL.

The 1999 Silverado LT Extended Cab has 102,000 miles on it.  Mark is driving it now. The '99 has not been the trouble-free truck my '93 Silverado has been:

"My" truck is a 2003 Silverado LT Extended Cab.  It now has 51,000 miles.  This is a GREAT truck, and has surpassed how good as the '93 has been.


In July, 2004 I put a grille guard and a bed liner on it:


The final vehicle in the fleet is a 2005 Acura TL that we bought in June 2005.  This is the best driving car I've ever had.  Fast, precise, comfortable.  My brother and I took it on our Great Tour of Western America.  We went a total of 6388 miles and for the entire trip the TL returned 31 mpg, even though the trunk was jammed, the back seat was packed to the window sills with camping gear, and most of the trip was over mountainous terrain at speeds of 75-90 mph.   I can state from personal experience that it can go at least 110 mph with plenty of accelerator travel left.  :-)




   Oh, and I can't leave out my over used (ha ha) boat:

boat.jpg (62385 bytes)       


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