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Vacation photos 1999 -- Washington

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Photos in Canada

ranier_np1.jpg (108173 bytes)      ranier_np2.jpg (102577 bytes)      ranier_np3.jpg (116672 bytes)      elk.jpg (91856 bytes)

Here and there in Mount Rainier National Park

sunrise1.jpg (80581 bytes)      sunrise2.jpg (55899 bytes)      sunrise3.jpg (83401 bytes)

Views from the Sunrise area of Mount Rainier N. P.

paradise1.jpg (75706 bytes)

Outside the Visitors Center at Paradise.  It was 40 degrees.

ranier.jpg (55370 bytes)

And here's the star... Mount Rainier... with its head in the clouds.

The winter of 1998-1999 saw record amounts of snow in the Cascades where Mount Rainier is situated.  Even in Mid-July when we were there, there were a number of trails closed due to snow cover.  The snow cover at Sunrise was still about four feet deep.   Then there was the nice afternoon at the Beach, only about two hours away.
pac_beach.jpg (79301 bytes)     The Pacific Ocean at Westport, Washington.
Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

Mount St. Helens was once a cone shaped volcano, but in 1980 pressure from inside the mountain caused the top third to blow.   The surrounding old growth forests were mowed flat and still today the massive logs lay in the pattern they fell in.

mtsthelens.jpg (69879 bytes)

What's left of the summit of Mount St. Helens.  Picture a cone shaped mountain, which is what it was before she blew her top.

mtsthelens2.jpg (66006 bytes)

This is at the foot of the mountain, immediately to the right of the previous picture.   Look at all the ash that flowed from the mountain.

mtsthelens3.jpg (84737 bytes)

This is Spirit Lake, immediately to the right of the previous picture.  The debris on the right side of the lake are massive logs blown down from the eruption.


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