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Vacation 2001

Aboard the Majesty of the Seas:

A three day, four night cruise from Miami to the Bahamas to Key West...

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majesty.jpg (92237 bytes)

Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Seas

miamiport.jpg (103807 bytes)

Leaving from the Port of Miami

In Nassau, Bahamas:

nassauport1.jpg (126584 bytes)     nassauport2.jpg (125726 bytes)    nassauport3.jpg (85243 bytes)    nassauhr.jpg (94956 bytes)

Then one night at dinner:

We were having a nice time:

allofus2001.jpg (112266 bytes)    twoofus.jpg (102354 bytes)    

And then the pirate showed up:

pirate.jpg (125652 bytes)

Mark found something he liked:

markship.jpg (99978 bytes)

Amy:  "Leave me alone, I'm on vacation!!!"

amycabin.jpg (95003 bytes)

Mark found out I could play Ping Pong:

pingpong1.jpg (103453 bytes)

But not very well:

pingpong2.jpg (89069 bytes)

And then there was the salt water pool:

poolarea1.jpg (103712 bytes)    poolarea2.jpg (89696 bytes)

I didn't win the Mr. Sexy Legs contest....Imagine that.  No pictures cuz the cameras broke.
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